Changing seasons, time for a skin WOF?

Changing seasons, time for a skin WOF?

The weather temps are dropping, the heaters are going on and there’s a chance your skin might be feeling a little tighter than normal?  That feeling that your skin might be “one size too small for your face” could be a sign it’s a little dry.  So, what to do?

First step - Check in with the bathroom cabinet cosmetic supplies.

1.  After you wash your face, how does it feel?  Comfortable or tight?  Maybe even a little sensitive?

2.  When you moisturize does it feel comfortable or do you need to apply more, or more come midday?

All these signs indicate it might be time to ramp up the hydration or even support with a little extra oil if need be.

If you can, make some time to chat to a beauty or skin therapist. They have the tools to provide some helpful suggestions that could help.

Here are our top pics for Winter 2024......

For hydration: 



For dryness:








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