Specific treatments ranging the entire body tailored to clients problem and stubborn areas.

Signature Slimming Treatment

A comprehensive slimming treatment with incredible textures designed to reduce the appearance of all types of cellulite. Precisely tailored to each client after a thorough body diagnosis, this treatment includes a peeling/wrap to improve toxin elimination, promote lymph flow and ultimately smooth the skins appearance. Exclusive and customised serums and modelling insure a highly effective treatment.

Pro Youth Body Treatment

Complete treatment combining a silhouette scrub phase with a smoothness/firmness modelling. An essential silhouette ritual with two sensorials formulas with proven efficiency to protect body youth.

Energizing Legs Treatment

For those who struggle with tired, heavy legs and feet occasionally or as an ongoing concern. This is an ultra-refreshing protocol aims to refresh, reduce swelling and improve lymphatic flow. Combining active formulas renowned for their toning and stimulating properties, the treatment also boasts a specific massage and drainage techniques to ensure comfort and long lasting freshness.

Slimness Modelling Treatment

An invigorating massage designed to sculpt the figure and reduce the appearance of cellulite with the latest scientific ingredients and antioxidants. This condensed version of the Signature Slimming Treatment is perfect for an individual on the go.

Silhouette Massage

A full body massage inspired by the Gua Sha stone trend, a porcelain massage accessory and toning massage oil enriched with essential oils targets all types of cellulite. Works to smooth the skin through a series of rolling and stimulating massage techniques.
Ideally combined in a course of treatment with the Silhouette Signature Body treatment.

Silhouette Signature Body Treatment

A slimming treatment to target all types of cellulite. This slimming ritual adapted to each client combines technical prowess, efficiency and relaxation. An invigorating and delicious scrub followed by a massage on targeted areas using the Sothys exclusive massage silhouette accessory made from Limoges porcelain.