Frequently Asked Questions

Sothys is one of the last remaining family owned Professional Skincare houses in France. It was first created by a pioneering Bio-Chemist, Dr Hotz in 1946 from his Parisian based clinic.

He had a desire to create an effect solution to treat the many thousands of people that had suffered the physical skin scaring as a result of the horrors of the Second World War.
His ingenious formula was revolutionary, he successfully stabilised the active components in a glass vile until it was ready to be opened, we now know this as the ‘ampoule’ and to this day is still an invaluable tool of the Sothys Therapist.

The Fundamental belief the governs all Sothys Product and Treatment creations is to work with and strengthen the skins natural biological functions. By doing this the skin is never compromised or damaged. Product efficacy and safety is paramount to the Sothys belief, products must be effective, but above all they must be safe to use.

Sothys places a huge emphasis on Research & Development, their in-house Labs, SOREDEC (Society of Research & Development in Cosmetics) is responsible for sourcing, researching and testing new ingredients to use in future formulations. Sothys draws on a number of sources for its raw materials, the majority is botanically sourced through sustainable practises from all parts of the world including their own Sothys Gardens in South West France (link to Auriac gardens). Marine extracts and peptides derived by Biotechnology make-up the balance of the formulations.

Daily: The first important stage is to cleanse your skin well every morning and evening with suitable products to clean and remove make-up. Then, in the morning use a hydrating* and protective cream , and a regenerating cream in the evening. Do not forget to use special products on the eye area that have been formulated to be applied on the fragile and sensitive skin in this area.

Once a week: Carry out exfoliation using Sothys Desquacrem to remove dead cells and impurities. Your complexion will remain clear and radiant and your skin will be more receptive to skin-care products. Don't forget to follow-up your exfoliation by applying a suitable mask for your needs. Your skin will gain more benefit from it once impurities are removed.

* Hydration of the superficial layers of the skin.

All Sothys products and treatments undergo rigorous testing in house before they are launched, a combination of both in-vitro testing (cell cultures) and also panel patch testing to ensure products are both safe and deliver the desired skin result.
Animal Testing is not used at any stage.

Sothys believes the first thing to achieve optimal skin health and function is to correct any imbalances in the skin, for example reducing sensitivity or increasing lipid levels. Once the skin has reached a natural state of balance.

Sothys products and treatments that have very specific actions, for example the Bx Wrinkle Corrector are independently tested by a Clinical Lab in France to ensure efficacy of those products are measurable. All Sothys products and treatments are tested in conjunction with a panel of both Consumers and Skincare Therapists for both efficacy and satisfaction.

We always recommend meeting with a Trained Sothys Professional Therapist for a thorough skin consultation, they are in the best position to see your skin and make a more accurate diagnosis on the best Sothys products and treatments for your skin. As your skin changes through seasonal variations, lifestyle influences etc, your Sothys Therapist can adapt your skincare regime as required.

A Sothys facial is absolutely one of the best things you can do regularly, not just for your skin health and appearance but for your mental well-being.
In this age of high paced lifestyles that results in cumulative stress and often sickness, we don’t take enough time to stop, not think and not move. The increasingly recognised mental health benefits of hands on therapies like facials are so important for establishing balanced mental health.
In terms of your skin health, the visible improvement to your skin appearance is dramatically increased when receiving regular Sothys Facials, the formulations used in the Professional Treatments are significantly more active and delivered in such a way that you can’t replicate at home.

This is your absolute Guarantee that you are getting both current and legitimate Sothys products from an Authorised source. If you purchase from an illegitimate site or stockist for that matter, we will not guarantee the product and you will not be covered by Guarantee policy. If you suspect a site or stockist is not genuine and authorised, please notify us so we can confirm if this is the case or not. Here is a list of Illegitimate websites that carry either out of date and illegally sourced Sothys products. (link to list of illegitimate sites)

Anne-Marie de Spa, arguably the first practising Professional skincare Therapist in New Zealand, created de Spa Cosmetics in 1988 to exclusively represent Sothys in NZ.
To this day it is still family owned and operated by Anne-Marie and family, with her small and dedicated team across Auckland and Christchurch offices.
In 2018, they celebrated 30 years of Sothys working with Kiwi Therapists in NZ.