Morning Cleanser

A gentle, daily enzyme cleanser with chamomile, targeting superficial clogging in drier or delicate skin types.

The half-strength Desquacrem cleanser is designed for delicate or dry skin types. The deep cleansing, emulsifying base allows it to be used as an alternative cleansing preparation to the Sothys Cleansing Milk in the morning.

Camo+BO2:BO27mile Extract

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Fine, dry or sensitive skin can still build up waxy deposits and needs a gentle deep cleanser to digest these deposits while calming and protecting the skin.Sothys Morning Cleanser softens the skin and prevents superficial clogging, giving the skin a radiance and vitality, and providing a deep cleansing action, gentle enough for delicate skin.

Can be used daily, for sensitive and dry skin, enzyme cleanse with chamomile, a "half strength" alternative to our Desquacrem cleanser.

Apply 1ml to damp skin then emulsify with dampened fingertips.Work into a light emulsion.Allow the cleanser to penetrate for 3 minutes then re-emulsify with water until the product re-appears from the skin.Continue rinsing and re-emulsifying until all the product residue has been removed.

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