Soothing Melting Fluid

Daily protection essential for the comfort of sensitive skin.Fresh fluid for sensitive, combination skin.Skin is desensitised, feels more comfortable.Fragrance free.

Spa™ Thermal Water

  • Sensitive

An essential fresh fluid moisturiser for the comfort of sensitive skin with normal- combination oil flow. To protect - Soothe - Balance day after day.Because daily protection is essential for the comfort of sensitive skin.

Thermal water at the heart of the formulation blocks TRPV1 pain receptors helping to rebalance hypersensitivity and increase the tolerance threshold.To help the skin protect itself for external aggressions soy phospholipids create a natural microfilm on the skin while allantoin and panthenol soothe and provide moisturising properties.Wild jasmine leaf and a tetra peptide combine to reduce cellular hyper-reactivity and deactivate epidermal pain receptors.

Apply morning and/or evening with small dabs all over the face and neck.

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