Regenerative Ampoules

Regenerative Ampoules (concentrated serum) deliver intensive repair and regenerative actives to specific zones on the skin following (invasive & non-invasive) dermo-aesthetic procedures. The principal target is epidermal thinning with inflammation. Specific zone application to assist regeneration of the skin following dermo-aesthetic procedures.

Tripeptides GF 2, Glyco-Repair ™

  • Sensitive

Cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of the skin while helping it to intensely regenerate itself. Repair specific zones on the skin following dermo-aesthetic procedures. The skin is highly regenerated and appears revitalised.

High tolerance hypoallergenic formula, Fragrance-free, Colourant-free, efficiency proven under dermatologists supervision. Dermatologically tested on skin following minor surgery after the removal of stitches.

Do not apply to an open wound on the skin. Carefully remove the ampoule head. On a pre cleansed skin, apply HALF the content of one ampoule to the targeted treatment zone (face or body) in the morning and the remaining half in the evening, infusing the serum with tapping finger tips. Follow with either the Repair Balm, or Regenerative Solution, or prescribed Sothys skin treatment cream.

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