Noctuelle Resurfacing Micro Capsules - Serum with Pure Retinol

Complete your night-time routine by adding simple and effective capsules.

Experience the combination of a petal-soft feel and the proven efficiency of pure Retinol on ageing markers (wrinkles, elasticity and firmness).

Over the weeks, you can see increased anti-wrinkle efficiency* and your skin appears renewed.

Pure retinol

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Observe an increasing effectiveness on the appearance of your wrinkles*, your skin appears renewed!

Reducing and smoothing wrinkles, improving skin quality and stimulating cell regeneration.

Every evening, after cleansing your skin, gently twist the top of a capsule to open it, then apply the serum to the face and the neck. Finish with your usual serum (if necessary) and your cream. As this product contains ingredient in its pure form, your skin may need time to adjust and get used to it. If you experience discomfort during initial use, we recommend spacing out applications, using one capsule every 2 days for the first week and then starting to apply one capsule every evening.

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