Clarte & Confort Concentrated Serum

A highly concentrated serum to calm reddened and blotchy zones of fragile capillaries when used under the Clarte & Confort treatment cream.Improves micro circulation of the capillaries and stimulates beta endorphins for a more comfortable skin.

Polyphenol Complex

  • Redness

An intensive and highly concentrated cosmeceutical serum to bring relief to highly reddened zones of fragile capillaries.This dynamically effective serum reduces the blotchy redness associated with couperose and is essential to use under the Clarte & Confort treatment cream to potentiate and intensify their results.It may also be effective in reducing redness in skin with Rosacea or Seborrhoeic dermatitis.It naturally helps to improve micro circulation by strengthening the capillary wall and stimulate beta endorphins in the skin to create a calming sensation in the skin.

Morning and evening, apply a few drops of serum to areas of redness (cheekbones, cheeks, nose), avoiding the eye contour area.Massage in gently, then apply the adapted Clarté & Confort face cream.Frequency of use: morning and evening for 30 days or more, depending on the skin’s needs, then once a day to maintain results.

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