Essential Masks

Essential Masks

A mask is essentially a short skin treatment you can undertake at home which boosts the effects of your daily Sothys cream and serum applications.

Used once or twice a week, a Sothys mask will provide a boost to hydration and skins energy levels, helping to reduce pore size and absorb excessive sebum as well as smooth and soften your skin and draw out impurities.

Sothys masks calm aggressed and reddened skin and deliver nutrients to improve skin function. Each Sothys Treatment Mask is unique in its function depending on what your skin requires most.

  • Hydra-smoothing Mask – Hydration
  • Nutri-soothing Mask – Sensitivity
  • Absorbant Mask – Oily/Acne
  • Anti-ageing Duo Mask –  Cell Turnover
  • Brightening Mask [W.]+™  – Pigmentation

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