Eye Care Range

Eye Care

The skin around the eye (eye contour) is the most fragile of the the face and is extremely thin, it also is the most active with ‘blinking’ which is why expression lines around the eyes are the first to the emerge.

The eye contour requires adapted care which not only relieves the constant activity it supports but also to protect and provide nourishment.

The Eye Care range preserves the youth of the eyes through anti-ageing effects and treatment for puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles.

  • Anti-puffiness eye roll on
  • Multi action eye contour cream
  • Dark circle eraser


Perfect Shape Neck Serum

Neck Care

Similar to that of our eyes, the skin of the neck and the décolleté is delicate in its texture, yet is ravaged by sun exposure and repetitive muscle movement.

The neck is one of our most visible and parts of our body that we accentuate daily through the clothes and jewellery we wear. So it is only right that we protect and help maintain the quality and structure of this delicate part of our body.

The Sothys response is a single serum that is clinically proven to deliver a lifting like effect to improve skin smoothness and structure, thanks to a cocktail of peptides and botanical actives.

  • Perfect shape neck serum


[W.]+ Brightening Range

Brightening & Pigmentation

One of the most common skin aesthetic complaints that only manifests from around the age of 30, is pigmentation. It is caused from years of excessive sun exposure and can be very difficult to address.

Sothys have developed an effective programme that delivers an upstream response by preventing the appearance of the pigment and softening the appearance of existing pigmentation.

Proven actives of vectorised Vitamin C, Vitamin PP and salicylic, glycolic, and malic acids to immediately brighten and unify the complexion.

  • [W] Brightening Cleansing Cream
  • [W] Brightening Preparative Lotion
  • [W] Brightening Double Action Serum
  • [W] Brightening Fluid
  • [W] Brightening Ultra Protective Sun Shield SPF 50+



Sothys reveals a new clinical skincare line based on potent anti-oxidants and active hydroxy acid complexes for intensive and immediate results.

A program created to work in synergy with the Sothys Intensive Treatments and skincare regimen for maximum efficiency.

The Sothys Cosmeceutique Dermoboosters have been expertly formulated to effectively target specific skin concerns.


  • RA Regenerative Ampoule
  • Calm Red. Bal. Ampoule
  • REP Repair Balm
  • RS Regenerative Soulution


  • Glysalac Dermobooster
  • Ultra-C Dermobooster
  • Retinol Dermobooster
  • BX Wrinkle Corrector

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