Faithful to the Sothys philosophy of Intensive treatments, this treatment combines highly-targeted products with expert application methods. One hour and 15 minutes of targeted treatment to combat the signs of ageing: wrinkles and slackened skin.

  • Ultra-targeted products + expert application methods.
  • Five key steps.
  • Eight specific formulas.
  • A completely overhauled protocol.
  • Mostly single doses.
  • Digi-esthetieque®, the key to efficacy and sensoriality.
  • Multi-masking.
  • Multi-zoning.
  • Performance:
    – Even after just one treatment
    – Up to a series of three treatments


  • Creams that are adapted to each customer’s Fil de Vie ™.
  • At each stage:
    – A Preventative youth action for the signs of ageing.
    – A Treatment youth action to fight against the signs of ageing.
  • Five youth objectives for women who wish to keep their real age to themselves.
  • Protect the skin every day and visibly fight against the signs of ageing.
  • Each cream contains ßP3. Tri-complex saffron-sophora-peptides to protect the skin daily, as well as a pool of specific active ingredients to also target the signs of natural chronological ageing.

Vitality Youth Cream

  • Objective: Fix.
  • Actions: Reduce the signs of fatigue, unify the complexion, smooth the features, matify.
  • Benefits: The skin radiates with freshness, its youth appears preserved.

Wrinkle Targeting Youth Cream (two textures)

  • Objective: Extend.
  • Actions: Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, maintain the skin tone, preserve an even complexion.
  • Benefits: The skin’s youth appears prolonged.

Firming Youth Cream (two textures)

  • Objective: Revive.
  • Actions: Smooth wrinkles, limit the skin slackening, reduce the appearance of dark spots.
  • Benefits: The face appears lifted and its youth looks revived.

Restructuring Youth Cream

  • Objective: Restore.
  • Actions: Fight against wrinkles, even deep ones, fight against slackening, reduce the appearance of dark spots.
  • Benefits: The skin is plumper. The skin’s youth looks restored.

Redensifying Youth Cream

  • Objective: Regenerate.
  • Actions: Fight against wrinkles even deep ones, fight against slackening, reduce the appearance of dark spots, reduce the loss of vitality.
  • Benefits: To restore a radiant complexion by reducing the visible signs of ageing. Revitalised, the skin appears redensified.