Since 1946, Sothys Paris has been pioneering sophisticated and avante-guard skincare for the Professional Skincare Therapist, 70 Years on the products have certainly evolved but the commitment to the Professional Therapist is still where its absolute devotion lies.  The advanced research conducted at the Sothys Laboratory is the foundation for the brand’s scientific innovations. Sothys’ philosophy focuses on efficiency, safety, naturalness and enjoyment, as well as on an ability to innovate and keep apace of the latest advances in cosmetics.

Sothys has passed down a tradition of inconspicuous luxury from generation to generation ever since its creater, Dr Hotz handed over the ‘torch’ to  Mr. Bernard Mas in 1966.

Over the years, Mr. Mas has stepped the young family-run business into the international skincare arena by sharing his energy, values and enthusiasm. His commitment and passion to the brand saw growth quickly develop within spas, beauty schools and distributors worldwide.

One of these particular distributers was none other than Anne-Marie de Spa, pioneering beauty therapist and director of de Spa Cosmetics. After witnessing first hand Mr. Mas’true love for the brand, his passion for skin and commitment to the French family owned business, Anne-Marie’s mind was set.

The decision to work with Sothys 30 years ago has given the women and men of New Zealand the chance to experience the point of difference that makes Sothys what is and what it has always been – The marriage of kindness, care and the relationship formed between skincare professional and the client; the innovation of green-science, cosmeceuticals and cutting edge skin therapies; luxury and prestige – these golden rules create a true love for the brand and a loyalty that will keep the brand alive for many more years to come!

– Article featured in March issue of Beauty NZ.

– Written by Gina Turner, Sothys NZ technical trainer.