Daily Cleansing

Your staple products in your routine are your daily cleansers. They provide the basis for the following steps of your regime and should not be left out, for a clean skin is a healthy skin.

The Sothys Cleansing range is formulated to ensure your skins natural lipid levels and acid mantel are not depleted, removing the make up, dirt and other pollution from your skin that accumulates daily.

Each product is gentle enough to be used every day and each is formulated uniquely depending on your individual skin type and requirement. Your Sothys Therapist can prescribe the right ones for you.


  • Miceller Cleansing water
  • Morning Cleanser
  • Purifying Foaming Gel
  • [W] Brightening Cleansing Cream

Beauty Milks & Lotions

  • Vitality (normal/combination skin)
  • Comfort (sensitive skin)
  • Purity (oily prone skin)
  • Clarity (fragile capillary skin)


Deep Cleansing & Skin Peeling Range

Deep Cleansing & Skin Peeling

Pollution and other nasties can build on your skin which your from time to time requires a more rigorous solution.

Famed for their avant-guard formulation that stands apart from contemporaries, the Sothys Deep cleansing products are possibly the jewel in its crown.

Used correctly and at times required, they provide a deep biological cleanse like no other to remove built up impurities and pollution thoroughly, necessary for a healthy functioning skin.

  • Desquacrem
  • Biological Peel


Scrubs Range


An essential for maintaining healthy, smooth skin. The combination of cleansing, exfoliation and massage provide a myriad of benefits.

For those that like a mechanical scrub, the Sothys cleansing scrubs are gentle enough to be used daily and deliver a great physical granule scrub to loosen and remove dead cells.

Reveal the radiance of your complexion whilst the skin is left feeling smoother and refreshed.

  • Face scrub


Bi Phase Eye Make up Remover

Eye Make-up Removal

The area around your eyes can be particularly sensitive and requires a more delicate formula in comparison to the rest of your face.

Suitable for all skin types and contact lens wearers that is fragrance free, it is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins.

This Bi Phasic product is a must to effectively remove waterproof eye make up. It may also be used to effectively remove lipstick.

  • Bi Phase Eye Make up Remover

Purchasing Sothys

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