Regular Cares

Formulated for common skin types: normal to combination, sensitive, oily and most common in New Zealand – skin with fragile capillaries. Each of these lines provides the perfect starting solution to protect and balance the skin.

Normal to Combination Skin

The Hydra-Protective line is for those who generally have a normal and balanced skin with the occasional tendency to breakout. These products ensure the skin is hydrated and well protected whilst mattifying complexion or maintaining balance.

Sensitive skin

With the exclusive use of Belgium Thermal Spa water for optimal skin mineral balance. These products protect from external aggressions, soothe from symptoms of discomfort and help balance the skins tolerance level to daily pollution and other aggravating factors.

Oily skin

Oily skin can be tricky to address, Sothys has a common sense approach which aims to ‘rebalance’ the skins natural sebum levels. These products help to matify the skin reducing that shiny appearance and purify the pores through unique antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Skin with Fragile Capillaries

A very common yet misdiagnosed New Zealand skin type. The remarkable Clarte & Confort line strengthens micro-circulation and capillary resistance improving the capillaries growth factors leading to a noticeable reduction in the appearance of redness.

Normal to Combination Skin

  • Soft Emulsion
  • Protective Cream

Sensitive skin

  • Soothing Melting Fluid
  • Soothing Velvet Cream
  • Soothing SOS Serum

Oily Skin

  • Hydra Matt Fluid
  • Active Cream
  • Absorbant Mask
  • Purifying Serum

Skin with Fragile Capillaries

  • Clarte & Comfort Light Cream
  • Clarte & Comfort Protective Cream
  • Clarte & Comfort Serum


Essential Ampoules Range

Essential Ampoules

Sothys mini at home treatment courses in handy, travel-friendly kits. Perfect as a rapid boost to your skins vitality and lustre before that special occasion or when your skin needs a quick pick me up.

Try the Hydrating Essential Ampoules to optimise skin hydration or the Oxygenating Essential Ampoules to maintain a fresh and rosy complexion.

The Brightening Essential Ampoules procure a bright and even complexion whilst the Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoules limit the appearance of signs of ageing.

  • Hydrating Essential Ampoules
  • Oxygenating Essential Ampoules
  • Brightening Essential Ampoules
  • Anti-ageing Essential Ampoules


Hydra 3Ha Range


Well-moisturised skin appears visibly younger and stands up better to the test of time. But, any woman, no matter what her skin type, can experience dehydrated skin at some point.

Hydra 3Ha

Dehydrated skin is by far the most common complaint of all, which is why the Hydra 3Ha range is the biggest selling line for Sothys, both here in New Zealand and Internationally.

The key component of low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid and the exclusive patent botanical of the Boletus mushroom accelerates skin hydration reservoir levels for prolonged periods while protecting and regenerating the skins stem cells.

Hydra 3Ha

  • Hydra 3Ha Cream
  • Hydra 3Ha Gel Cream
  • Hydra 3Ha Serum


Nutritive Range

Dry Skin

Not to be confused with dehydration, a true dry skin is one that lacks natural lipids (oils) and although dehydrated and dry skin appear similar, they require a very different response.


The Nutritive products are formulated with a combination of ceramides, omega fatty acids 3,6 & 9 and precious oils duo. They are perfect for all skin types that have dry tendencies, even combination skins.

This complex also helps to maintain the moisture in the skin because as we rebuild the oil film, this creates a waterproof barrier preventing the moisture from escaping. Use in conjunction with our anti-ageing creams or Hydra3Ha™ lines.


  • Nutritive Comfort Cream
  • Nutritive Lipid Elixir



Our skins ability to function correctly is influenced by the natural ATP levels ( the skins energy source). A sallow or lack lustre looking skin will be not be functioning like it should.


Help restore the balance and recharge the skin. This line includes the wonderful day and night creams, an extraordinary serum and a true energy boost in the radiance ampoules.

The key ingredient of Siberian Ginseng, along with a natural rice peptide stimulate the skins natural energy productions and levels. Reveal the skin’s youthfulness by restoring its luminosity and radiance.


  • Energising Light Cream
  • Energising Comfort Cream
  • Energising Night Cream
  • Energising Instand Radiance Ampoules
  • Energising Booster Serum
  • Energising Corrector


Skin Ageing

Our skin is as individual as us and not one solution fits all. The new Sothys high-performance Youth Serums address different indicators as we age…

Youth Serums

A range of six high performance serums inspired by and created to support dermo-aesthetic techniques. Address sagging skin, wrinkles, decongestion, open pores and even the delicate skin of our neck. Each serum is formulated to ‘layer’ with one another to combat the signs of time that are specific to you. Speak to your Sothys representative to find the serum that is right for you.

Youth Creams

Creams that are adapted to each customer’s Fil de Vie™. A preventative and treatment youth action for the signs of ageing including five youth objectives for women who wish to keep their real age to themselves. Each cream contains ßP3 – Tri-complex saffron-sophora-peptides to protect the skin daily, as well as a pool of specific active ingredients to target the signs of natural chronological ageing.

Youth Serums

  • Unifying Serum
  • Firming-Specific Serum
  • Reconstructive Serum
  • Detoxifying Anti-Freeradical Serum
  • Wrinkle Specific Serum
  • Perfect Shape Neck Serum

Youth Creams

  • Vitality Youth Cream
  • Wrinkle Targeting Youth Cream (two textures)
  • Firming Youth Cream (two textures)
  • Restructuring Youth Cream
  • Redensifying Youth Cream



Night Cream

At night our skin is in its most relaxed state and this is when the majority of the repair and regeneration happens.


Noctuelle is an incredible product that has seen it become a Sothys staple since it was first created. Ingredients include Vectorised and stabilised Vitamin C, Vitamin E, a grape acid extract plus shea butter.

Combined they deliver a dramatic improvement in skin health, function and of course appearance and a feeling of total comfort. Come morning, features look relaxed and skin is radiant. The complexion is even and glowing.


  • Noctuelle Vitamin C Night Cream

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