With exceptional protocols, these treatments are odes to well-being, relaxation and a beautiful body. The promise of escape and absolute sensory pleasure!

Hanakasumi Treatment

A unique cherry blossom & lotus scented protocol of Japanese inspiration: Treat the entire body to an enzymatic peeling, relaxing massage and specific foot modeling in this nourishing, delicately perfumed, well-being ritual.

Orient Ceremony Treatment

A rejuvenating ritual of Oriental inspiration: warmed, aromatic stones are used to massage the body from top to toe. Cinnamon & ginger fragrances gently stimulate the circulation and offer a warm, unique and nourishing escape.

Sensations Orientales

Inspired by ancestral oriental rites which can be performed as a dry body treatment, designed to be nourishing, and to enhance the skin coupled with the experience of pure relaxation. A one hour treatment designed for everyone.

Inspiration Art & Beaute Treatment

A new palette of sensations are revealed in this well-being protocol. Colours, textures and exclusive modeling movements reveal a new age in well-being body treatments. Relax & unwind the body, mind and soul with this full body scrub, massage and wrap to feel energised and completely pampered.

100% Cusomised Treatments

An exfoliating, massage and wrap experience customised with a fragrance of your choice. Complete the experience by enjoying the delicious sensations with a selection of homecare products. Choose from: Lemon & Petitgrain –fresh and tonic; Orange Blossom and Cedar Wood – musky and woody; Lily and Bamboo – green and floral; Frangipani Flower and Plum – floral and fruity; Green Tea and Fig – Green and woody.


Specific Contouring

Specific treatments ranging the entire body tailored to clients problem and stubborn areas.

Signature Slimming Treatment

A comprehensive slimming treatment with incredible textures designed to reduce the appearance of all types of cellulite. Precisely tailored to each client after a thorough body diagnosis, this treatment includes a peeling/wrap to improve toxin elimination, promote lymph flow and ultimately smooth the skins appearance. Exclusive and customised serums and modelling insure a highly effective treatment.

Signature Firming Treatment

A treatment designed to target loss of elasticity in the skin. The treatment phases include targeted exfoliation, massage and peel off wrap; all of which use the Sothys patented actives that have been clinically verified for efficacy. This exclusive formulas repair and restructure collagen and elastin in the skin tissue to improve firmness and elasticity.

Self-Heating Mud & Stubborn Areas Treatment

A detoxifying and invigorating treatment to energise the body. A triple salt exfoliation with aromatic essential oils, a warming mineral-mud wrap and stimulating draining massage effectively eliminates toxins. Alleviate stress, smooth the skin and target areas of uneven contour.

Refreshing Legs Treatment

Battling with swollen or tired legs? This treatment is designed to target the lymphatic circulation in the extremities and leave the legs feeling comfortable and refreshed. A thorough exfoliation, specific modelling and wrapping of the legs with a cool, draining gel insure the ultimate solution for anyone who suffers with edema as a temporary or ongoing concern.

Slimness Modeling Treatment

An invigorating massage designed to sculpt the figure and reduce the appearance of cellulite with the latest scientific ingredients and antioxidants. This condensed version of the Signature Slimming Treatment is perfect for an individual on the go.

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